∆NIM∆ is an artistic work in progress (AWP) by Sabine Kacunko, conceived as a progressive web application (PWA) - a process with an open end: AWP → PWA → AWP… More concretely, the ∆NIM∆ ∆PP is an online platform to artistically explore the local intersections between the global air quality index and individual human activities. Based on actual data and real inputs of diverse research and common institutions and supported by the individual usages, the ∆NIM∆ ∆PP is an artistic effort to widen the scope of visualizing the conflux of global, local and individual air streams and to interpret them in an even more profound and pro-active way. By reaching out the broadest audience both in public and personal settings and providing an exciting interactive aesthetic and educational experience, the ∆NIM∆ ∆PP aims at leading to new awareness, knowledge and action to support global efforts in limiting the human-induced consequences of the climate change. Moreover, this platform addresses the aspired “healing” aspects also on conceptual level by pointing out the interconnectedness of all “living” or “animated” beings, being relevant not least to the human health and -medicine.