If you look at the sphere, you realize the shape of the universe:
the shared idea of the cosmos respiring chaos.
This is where the ∆NIM∆ arises:
from the swirl of matter and energy.

The animated prospect leads you through the remoted galaxies to the own one.
Suns and planets are but the sand grains in your discerning eye.
You cannot discern between the visions any longer:
Is it artistic, scientific, spiritual?

If you take a deep breath, you can dive into your solar system:
It´s like a fragile solar plexus of the Milky Way;
a blow to this region would get the wind knocked out of it
your world would stop to breathe.

However, the animated matter continues to emerge
and end up in ever-new spiral rotations.

The coincidence of the real and virtual
requires a large narrative on a micro logical scale:
The history and structure of nature and culture thus become the medium of art.
The art becomes the medium of knowledge.

The spherical shapes of the distributed worlds stand out from the surroundings,
while adhering to the dynamic structure:
You apprehend the character and content of an artwork,
which is both free-floating and anchored in a created reflective space.

Blow your mind in concert with others.
To be moved by the other means to allow a dynamic that defines a new, common course. Human, habitat, health and heritage can be thought through
with their cluster-like social models and survival strategies.

This is where ∆NIM∆ arises: It is artistic, scientific, and spiritual.

Imagine the model of an immortal organism
that reproduces the maintenance and renewal
of the life cycle in itself.

If you zoom onto your planet, it may evoke the emergence
and formation of a lung, associated with the formation
and transformation of the living structures
consisting of resembling spherical shapes.

Zoom into the lung of Nature with its bronchial tree
built out of the alveoli clusters;
∆NIM∆ appears as a “breath” in the model of the alveoli,
the small cavities in the lungs
in which the actual gas exchange takes place during breathing.

Follow the path of grape-shaped aerosol clusters
and fade into the processes that contribute decisively
to the human life as a literally pervasive principle.

∆NIM∆: the soul, the breath, the breeze, the air, and the wind:
it is the principle that pervades all life
in which the micro- and macrocosm meet.

∆NIM∆ is neither material nor an immaterial substance;
it is neither composed nor undivided.
It takes the age-old idea as an opportunity
to investigate the extent to which it can serve as a model.

The history of your travel has changed its pace and rhythm,
ending with the universe of a single aerosol.

If you now look at the sphere, you realize the shape of an aerosol.
You realize in it the shape of the universe
– the shared idea of the cosmos respiring chaos.