AMPHITHEATRUM MUNDI links art and design, sculpture and architecture as well as real and virtual space with natural and cultural heritage. It is a project on hybrid exhibition and mediation practice that ties in with the forms of public discourse developed by Sabine Kacunko since 2005. They take place at the interfaces between museum and public space and essentially focus on the relationship between natural and cultural heritage.

Art and science are sent on a local, yet “cosmo-political” journey: the local and global audience or citizens (polites) find themselves on the stage of the inhabited world (cosmos) as an acting observer and performer at the same time. It is therefore his or her destiny to imagine the inhabited world - AMPHITHEATRUM MUNDI - to represent it and to shape it himself. The artistic direction, the screenplay and the result in this “play” of nature and culture are carried out performatively, taken from the experts and also subjected to a democratic process. It is a game that only remains open-ended if it is decisively shaped by many.

AMPHITHEATRUM MUNDI is a global project by Sabine Kacunko, which allows the structures and stories of nature and culture to “appear” together from the point of view of art and science. The place of the event is, as its name suggests, the “world”, Latin mundus, Greek cosmos: the “play” of the elements happens both mimetically and (representatively) as well as (directly) and performatively. The coincidence of the real, presented and virtual, represented levels of the “world” requires a large narrative on a micrological scale: the history and structure of nature and culture thus also become the medium of art and art the medium of knowledge.